​​​​​​​​**Matting fees can apply to all grooming packages

**All Grooming packages include:**

  • Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Nails
  • Clean Ears ​​

Pampered Pooch Add-on to any package

  • ​​Shampoo upgrade choice, Conditioner
  • Paw/Nose Treatment, Facial, Breath Refresh
  • Conditioning Spray

Add $10 to any package​

Shampoo Upgrades-$5 (Subject to availability)

Whitening, Deodorizing, Medicated, ask about other scents

(Price included in Pampered Pooch)


Skunk bath

  • Dawn bath
  • Skunk treatment and wash
  • Towel/Air dry

Small-$50, Medium-$60, large-$70
Very short/shaved hair, deduct $15, groomer discretion

*If you need a Skunk treatment, DO NOT wet your dog!


​​Shed Happens!

Deshedding is a myth! Nothing will make your dog shed-free. This package will help to manage your dog's coat. Recommended once a month.

  • High-velocity dryer to loosen coat before/after wash
  • Shedding Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Brush/shedding tools (Furminator) for 20 minutes
  • Conditioning spray

Small-$55, Medium-$65, large-$75

**Add (Face, Feet, Nails, Ears, Sanitary)-$10
Add a Classic Groom -$20, Add A Cut Above-$30

  • ​Ear Plucking if needed
  • Anal Gland expression only if requested​ & only w/bath​​

​​3. Doodle Bugs

A special package just for doodles! Bring pictures & tell me how you like the length, ears, muzzle, tail, & feet! (Depends on the condition of fur)

  • Comb/Brush for 15 minutes​*
  • Wash, Brush for 15 minutes w/conditioning spray
  • Groom-client’s REQUEST OR "LPR DOODLE trim"

Small-$70, Medium-$80, Large-$90
**Recommended every 4-6 weeks**
"LPR Doodle trim"-If not matted, Fur trimmed to approx. 1 in (using the longest comb, "E" comb). Trimmed legs and ears. Round face and muzzle. Tail with some fluff. Keep the eyelashes!

Small 0-35 pounds
Medium 36-75 pounds
Large 76-100 pounds

X-Large 100+ pounds

Flea and Tick Bath

  • Wash with Flea and Tick Treatment and dry
  • grooming area cleaned thoroughly

Add $15 to your Treatment
Either Preventative or given if Fleas and Ticks are discovered on the dog.



1. LPR Classic

  • Shampoo, Blow-out
  • 10 minutes brushing*
  • Clipper shave for the whole body or light trim

Small-$50, Medium-$60, Large-$70​​


  • Feet
  • Sanitary trim​​​

 ​​​5. Puppy Power!

A 3-week program to help introduce puppies to grooming. (puppies with shots, up to 12 months)

  • Week 1-Explore grooming room, play with feet & ears. Wash in the big sink. Towel dry. Introduce dryer. brush. (Approx. 30 min)
  • Week 2-Wash, Dryer practice! Feel the vibration of clippers. Tips of nails. Clean ears. (Approx. 30 min)
  • Week 3-Wash, Dryer, Feet. Nail tips. Sanitary trim. (Approx. 1-2 hours)

Small-$100 ($120 Value)

Medium-$130 ($150 Value)
Lg and up-$140 ($180 Value)

**Includes 3 weeks of services: 3 baths, nails, sanitary and feet trim, & other salon experiences** 

Add a light trim-$10​,  Add a full groom-$20

  • Nails clipped-$10
  • Nails clipped and filed-$15
  • Sanitary Trim-$15
  • Choice of shampoo-$5

Splish Splash 2.0!

  • Shampoo/Conditioner/blow out
  • 15-min. brushing **matting fees may apply
  • nails, Clean Ears, Face, Feet, Sanitary trim

Small-$45, Medium-$55, large-$65


Add to any package for $3 each:

  • Breath Refresh 
  • Paw Treatment
  • Facial​

4. Rookie Package
If your pooch has never been to the groomer, Give Him a practice session! Your pup will explore the grooming area and get to know the groomer. After a bath & dryer, your pup will get brushed. He will get to see/feel the clipper vibration. Pup will get his feet and sanitary area trimmed, nails clipped and ears cleaned. (1 yr old and up)

Small-$45, Medium-$55, large-$65

When he comes back for his first groom, he will feel right at home! (Hair cut not included)

Everyone's favorite topic...Matting!

​You've been told to brush your dog...BUT at-home combing is recommended to deter matting between grooms. Use a metal "greyhound" comb to get down to the skin. If the comb cannot get through, use a slicker brush to help break up the mat before combing again.

Splish Splash!

  • Shampoo/Blow out
  • Nails, clean ears
  • 15-min. brushing **matting fees may apply

Small-$35, Medium-$45, large-$55


​​​​​​2. A Cut Above

  • ​​Shampoo, Blow-out
  • 15 minutes of brushing*
  • Breed Cut, Scissor Shaping*

Small-$60, Medium-$70, Large-$80

 Landenberg Pet Resort & Spa 

​​Comfort groom

For seniors or dogs w/special needs

  • bath and fluff dry with low force on dryer
  • shave to 1 in or less-trim face and tail
  • breaks as needed and ability to lay down or use the belly band on the grooming table
  • gentle touch

Small-$55, Medium-$65, large-$75
Groomer will decide if/when a pup has had too much and needs to end the session (Package fee still applies)

*Special Handling fees may apply​​

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Mind over Matting and Matting Fees

​**If extra time is needed to untangle or cut out mats, there will be a $15 matting charge for 15 minutes of extra dematting. 

**If After the extra 15 minutes, the clipper can not get through smoothly, clients will be contacted an given the choice to :

  • Pay the Mind Over Matting fee and continue (Add $25 to cost)
  • Have the dog shaved (Kept as long as possible)
  • End the session (package price still charged)


​​Special Handling Fee
A special handling fee applies to aggressive dogs; dogs that may need muzzling during the treatment; dogs that will not allow someone to touch or groom them, and anytime the groomer needs another person to help complete the services, etc.

$10 and up depending on the time and needs of the dog.